iPhone Spy App

If you have been searching for a good iPhone spy app, then mSpy mobile spyware could be the best alternative available on the market. This iPhone spyware is flexible, robust, and is jam-packed with features that any user will certainly love.

What is mSpy and how does it work?

mSpy is a spying system which can be used in monitoring the activities of mobile devices particularly of cellular phones. You can use this software in logging the activities of your own phone, or perhaps, spy and monitor the mobile activities of another.

NEW! Now mSpy fully supports iOS 6.1+ and iPhone 5!

mSpy is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and earlier iPhone versions. Aside from iPhones, this system can be used in majority of mobile devices operating on Android, Black Berry, Windows Mobile, iPad, and Symbian platforms of whatever mobile brand.

To spy on iPhone, the software is usually installed as an application. You will only need to get hold of the target phone once and that is during installation. Installation requires a simple software download and dialing a code or number generated by mSpy and after a few minutes, spying and monitoring can be done on your laptop or computer by logging into your mSpy account. Although it’s a mobile app, it will not be visible on the mobile phone and won’t interfere with its usual operation.

The best features of the mSpy spyware for iPhone

Among the best features of this mobile and iPhone spy system include the following:

  • The ability to track and record all mobile activities. mSpy is very functional that you can monitor, track, and log or record all the activities of the targeted mobile phone. You can listen to voice calls with mSpy call recorder, keep track of text messages, emails, call logs, address book entries, photos and videos taken, memos, tasks, events, browsing histories and bookmarks, programs or applications used, etc.
  • Block certain functionalities. Another great feature of this spy app for iPhone is the ability to block certain functionalities of the targeted mobile phone. With this iPhone spyware app you can block certain numbers from calling that phone, prohibit the use of certain applications, block certain websites accessed, and others.
  • You can spy remotely. If you think you need to sneak and get hold of the phone to spy on it, the mSpy spy app for iPhone proves you wrong. You can do your spying and tracking in the comforts of your room using your computer through a separate program. This enables you to perform all the functions and capabilities mentioned above even if the targeted mobile phone or the person handling it is located wherever on earth.
  • It has a live GPS tracker. With the live cell GPS tracker, you can locate where the phone and the user is; anywhere on the globe and anytime of the day.
  • This iPhone spy is completely hidden. The person you are covertly monitoring won’t even have the idea that you are monitoring his or her activities. The app will stay hidden in the phone’s system and won’t cause any changes to the performance or functionalities of that phone. Of course, aside from those you purposely blocked.

Why do you need the mSpy spy app for iPhone?

This spying and monitoring system is simply the best when trying to secretly monitor the activities of your partner or spouse; to be able to remotely monitor the whereabouts of your children including their mobile and internet activities; to improve the efficiency of your employees; when pursuing criminal investigations; and for any other legitimate purpose that you have. In any case, mSpy could be the best of spy programs for iPhone! Note: you can not spy on iPhone without jailbreak. Find out more at compatibility page